P.S.  If you're looking for some words of, well, experience, if not ​wisdom (!)​, you may find something worthwhile on my blog:  Hollywood Passport  Random thoughts, as they strike my random brain.  Oh, yes -  you're more ways than one.

...and thanks for stopping by.  Are you casting, producing, directing?  Looking for actors for your film, television, commercial and voiceover projects?  Of course you are!  Why else would you have landed here?  Now, please don't expect to find the typical Hollywood malarkey at this agency.  We don't like it any more than you do.  We know our actors' talents and capabilities inside and out, but if you have a question we can't answer, we'll do our damnedest to find out and let you know.  

We also don't believe in wasting anyone's time - yours, our actors' or our own - so if we think a requested (not submitted) actor is not what you really need for a specific role, we'll tell you so and we'll tell you why.  Of course, we'll also tell you why we know the actor has exactly the qualities you're seeking, if he does. Then you can decide for yourself.  Sound fair?  We thought you'd agree.

​If, on the other hand, you happen to be an actor...feel free to take the tour of your fellow thespians.  If you have questions, please use the Contact Us page.

Enough said.  You have buttons to click, faces to see, voices to hear.  So, git along, li'l doggie, git along!

Kristene Wallis


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