French - German - Russian - Japanese - Swahili...!  We only represent native speakers of these and many other languages.  Ask and ye may very well receive.

Please note:  We do not have demos on our foreign language clients.  But they might, so ask us and we'll see what we can do.  If all else fails...this is Hollywood, after all, and we can always provide an audition!

Long considered a highly respected voice (no pun intended!) in the world of voice overs, Kristene Wallis began her career in 1986 as the sole employee of the late, great Charles Stern ("King of Voice Overs").  Stern only represented major celebrities and Kristene cut her teeth as a booth director on the likes of Glenn Ford, Robert Stack, Hoyt Axton, Barbara Eden, Brian Keith, Don Messick, and countless others.  Her favorite people with whom to work?  People who sing, even if only in the shower, and stage-trained actors.