Monday Morning                                                                                  Co-Star                                                         Nat Christian/Ollie Wood Films

Tim & Eric’s Billion $ Movie                                                               Co-Star                                                         Tim & Eric /Absolutely Prods

The Revenant                                                                                         Co-Star                                                                Kerry Prior / PUTRE LTD, LLC

Exorcism                                                                                                      Star                                                          Wm. Baker/KING-CAPITOL PRODS

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers                                              Star Voice                                                                   Brian Spicer/20TH CEN-FOX

The Last Shot                                                                                         Co-Star                                                                      Nathanson/Touchstone

Digimon, The Movie                                                                             Star Voice                                                                     Jeff Nimoy/20th Cen-Fox

Beyond Fear                                                                                               Star                                                                       Robert Lyons/Steppin’Out

Rule # 3                                                                                                       Co-Star                                                                      Mitchell Cox/Seven Arts

Wishman                                                                                                    Co-Star                                                                       Mike Marvin/Skywalker

Escape From Rio                                                                                   Co-Star                                                                    Wayne Wynne/Diafragma

Repo Jake                                                                                                  Co-Star                                                        Joe Merhi/P.M. Entertainment

Chance                                                                                                       Co-Star                                                        Joe Merhi/P.M. Entertainment

Blood Money                                                                                           Co-Star                                                        Joe Merhi/P.M. Entertainment

The Blob                                                                                                     Co-Star                                                                         Chuck Russell/Tri-Star

Ice Crawlers                                                                                          Co-Star                                                                John Buechler/Regency Ent

A Light In The Forest                                                                          Co-Star                                                        John Buechler/Holly Boy Prods

Total Rex                                                                                                  Co-Star                                                                John Buechler/Regency Ent

Big Turnaround                                                                                   Co-Star                                                                                   Joe Cranston/Sony

Kinjite                                                                                                         Co-Star                                                                      J. Lee Thompson/Cannon

Assassination                                                                                         Co-Star                                                                                 Peter Hunt/Cannon

Death Wish 4                                                                                            Co-Star                                                                      J. Lee Thompson/Cannon

Murphy’s Law                                                                                         Co-Star                                                                      J. Lee Thompson/Cannon

Dead Badge                                                                                              Co-Star                                                                                      Doug Barr/Orion

Midnight                                                                                                    Co-Star                                                                                  Norman Vane/Sony

Taxi Dancers                                                                                           Co-Star                                                                       Norman Vane/New Wave

Obsessions                                                                                                  Star                                                                     Jacob Eleasari/Burner Ent

Sorority House Massacre                                                             Co-Star                                                                        Carol Frank/Concorde

Danger Zone                                                                                           Co-Star                                                                              Vern Howe/Skouras

Cause and Defect                                                                                Co-Star                                                             Greenhut-Big Top/Sundance

Fatal Pursuit                                                                                         Co-Star                                                                          Eric Louzil/Hod Prods

Fortress of Amerikkka                                                                    Co-Star                                                                                    Eric Louzil/Troma

Ghost Dog                                                                                                Co-Star                                                                                Family Films/Pax TV

The Bad Guys                                                                                           Co-Star                                                                                      Joel Silberg/MGM

Victims of Circumstance                                                                   Star                                                                                               Peter Daskaloff

Every 43 Seconds                                                                                 Co-Star                                                                Peter Daskaloff/Desire Tree

Asthma                                                                                                          Star                                                                                      Bill Irwin/Medcom

Tornado Run                                                                                             Star                                                                             Ulli Lummel/White Ent

Stranger In Moscow                                                                            Star                                                                                      Michael Jackson Vid

A Light In The Darkness                                                                    Co-Star                                                                                        Bearsmouths Ent

Big Top Winkle                                                                                        Co-Star                                                                     Lara Jo Regan/Winkle LLC


Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show (3 Episodes)                                Recurring                                           Absolutely Prods - Cartoon Net

18 Wheels of Justice                                                                        Guest Star                                                 Terry Winkless/Stu Segall Prods

Profiler (2 Episodes)                                                                Guest Star/Co-Star                                                          Ian Sanders/Ian Toynton/NBC

City Guys                                                                                                Guest Star                                                                                   Frank Bonner/NBC

Star Trek Voyager                                                                              Co-Star                                                                        Mike Vejar/Paramount

Renegade                                                                                               Guest Star                                                   Perry Husman/STU Segall Prods

Silk Stalkings                                                                                       Guest Star                                                  Robert Walden/STU Segall Prods

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers                                             Star Voices                                                   Various/Fox Family Worldwide

Spiderman                                                                                             Star Voices                                                            John Semper/Marvel Prods

Reasonable Doubts                                                                          Guest Star                                                              Fred Gerber/Warner Bros.

Charlie Grace                                                                                        Co-Star                                                              Robert Singer/Warner Bros.

Family Matters                                                                                      Co-Star                                                           Richard Correll/Warner Bros.

FBI: The Untold Stories                                                                  Guest Star                                                                       Victor Lobl/Arthur Co.

Hunter                                                                                                    Guest Star                                                                       Dave Phinnery/Cannell

Us Customs Classified                                                                   Guest Star                                                                            Dean Allioto/Cannell

Amazing Stories                                                                                 Guest Star                                                                         J. Michael Riva/Amblin

New Leave it to Beaver                                                                   Guest Star                                                                       Jeffrey Pohn/Universal

The Bates Motel                                                                                    Co-Star                                                                     Rich Rothstein/Universal

New Mike Hammer                                                                                 Co-Star                                                                         Jon Anderson/Columbia

Houston Knights                                                                                 Co-Star                                                                           Reza Badiyi/Columbia

Starman                                                                                                  Guest Star                                                                 Claudio Guzman/Columbia

Sidekicks                                                                                                 Guest Star                                                                             Allen Reisner/Disney

New Love American Style (Pilot)                                               Guest Star                                                                                     Joan Darling/ABC

Alice in Wonderland                                                                          Co-Star                                                      Harry Harris/Irwin Allen Prods

Divorce Court (2 Episodes)                                                         Guest Star                                                                   Gottlieb/Kushner-Locke

Mad TV                                                                                                Recurring Co-Star                                                                                      Various/UPN

Not Necessarily the News                                                    Recurring Co-Star                                                              John Moffitt/Moffitt-Lee

Fridays                                                                                              Recurring Co-Star                                                              John Moffitt/Moffitt-Lee


Young & The Restless • General Hospital • Bold & The Beautiful • Santa Barbara...                                  All Recurring

Off Broadway

The Merchant of Venice (Jan Hus Theatre) • The Destroyers (57TH St. Playhouse) • Little Trips (70 Grand Theatre)

Los Angeles Theatre

Group Repertory Theatre: Lou’s On First, Broadway Bound, Art of Seduction, Rur, Miracle, Come Back Little Sheba

Alexander Repertory Co. (Co-Founder): Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mr. Dracula

Glendale Center Theatre: Father of the Bride, The Gazebo • New Theatre (Martin Magner): The Beaver Coat

Celebrity Center Theatre: Curtain Time, All The Difference, Girls In Warm Snow

Industrial Shows: Garden America, Robinson’s

As A Director: A Crazy Marriage (American Renegade Theatre)

Training: New York, 70 Grand/Norman Taffel, Queens Colege • Los Angeles: LAADA/Fred Cook, LCGRT/Lonny Chapman

Special Skill: Voice Over Artist, Pro Writer, Improve, Physical Comedy, Light Stunts, Pro Musician (Elec Bass & Guitar, Sing), Sports

Fine Tape & Radio, TV Commercials, & Voice Over Credits On Request